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The Department is a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences since 1985. It has its beginning in 1978 as a Cell with activities connected to the mission programmes of Government of India and grew into a ‘Center for Adult Continuing Education and Extension’ with introduction and conduct of non-credit, non-evaluative short-term courses in areas of personal interest promotion, income generation and skill development. In order to establish a University-community interface the Department has been consistently designing and developing programmes of education and service in the field of Literacy, Science and Sports Journalism, Legal Literacy, Public Interest Litigation, Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, Human Rights, Life Skills – Health and Hygiene, Volunteer Management, Guidance and Counseling, Travel and Tourism, Rapid Reading, Radio-Broadcasting and English Language Proficiency Course from time to time. The Department has replaced its One Year Post M.A. Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (introduced in 1984) with a two year Master Degree course titled Lifelong Learning and Extension in 2014.  Ph.D. programme in Adult and Continuing Education is being offered since 1991. The Department has also introduced M.Phil. Programme in Lifelong Learning & Extension since 2014. Under extension programme and services the Department continues with its interaction with the Community for offering need-based services and gaining insight into the real life issues of the people in and around the university. Seminars/Workshops/Schools are organized regularly for the enrichment of the faculty and sharing the knowledge gained with the community and peer groups. The faculty of the Department works on specific projects and publishes its findings in different academic areas.  One of the newest initiatives has been the organization of International Autumn School for students and faculty from different countries on European and Asian Perspectives of Adult and Continuing Education. The Department signed a Memorandum of Association with the University of Wurzburg, Germany in July 2015 under which students and faculty are undertaking mobility and exchange programme. SELF FINANCING COURSES The Department has developed and designed more than 30 short-term courses and the following courses are currently being offered.

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Counseling and Guidance
  • Radio-broadcasting
  • Speed reading with Comprehension
  • English Language Proficiency course.

 Prof. Rajesh


Department of Adult Continuing Education & Extension (DACEE)

Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Delhi



E-mail: head.dacee@gmail.com

Contact No. : 931 932 8809, 987 330 2532

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